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ELAEN Hair Transplant Dr.Christian 93Top hair transplant Mexico surgeon, Dr. Christian Aglaè León Bobadilla, is an expert in hair transplant surgery and acclaimed for her work in natural-looking hair restoration, professionalism, dedication, and excellent long term results.

Elaen, leading hair transplant center in Mexico offers the most advanced techniques in hair restoration, and understands the significance of studying imperative medical aspects for all hair loss treatment and individualizing each patient’s treatment and needs.
Dr. Christian has performed hundreds of hair transplantation procedures, utilizing microfollicular grafting as a standard technique years prior to this technique being established as a state-of-the art procedure. She has studied a variety of hair transplantation methods including single hair follicle transplant.

In short, with Dr. Christian and Elaen hair transplant Mexico you will find an extremely caring team, with experienced and respectful staff when visiting our office ensuring the results that you are looking for.

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