I can’t say enough about how amazing Eláen, the doctors and the whole experience was. The hair transplant procedure went beautifully. The level of expertise, the level of comfort the provide, the environment, the personal attention, the results and the peace of mind make this the easiest endorsement for me to make. I live in California. The cost for hair transplant surgery in the US is ridiculously expensive. Eláen pricing is roughly 65% less than US costs. And I can’t imagine that the level of service in the US can compete with the Eláen Clinic in Mexico.The whole experience was perfect!! If you live in the US or Canada then the Eláen Clinic is where you want to get your transplant. – Jeffrey
“I´m so grateful for all the care before, during and after the hair implant, at first I was a little unsure about the results, but as time passed by I have seen the progress, I am 100% satisfied with the results, everyone notices the change and i feel so confident about myself” – Ramón Mendoza
ENGLISH TESTIMONY – TESTIMONIO EN ESPAÑOL ABAJOOne year and a half ago I had a hair transplant surgery at Eláen. I had 1300 units transplanted. I waited this time to wait for the results and give a complete testimony and recomendation. I can recomend 100% the team, they made a great job. I started to see results after 3 months, I got all the results after one year. My new transplanted hair look 100% natural, not even women have noticed I had a hair transplant, the density is great. I can combe my hair as I did when I was 20 years old.The surgery experience was cool, ZERO pain, and even relaxing. The doctor explained everything to me before, during and after the surgery. The doctor is pretty friendly and profesional, he is an artist of hair transplant. I’m sure is one of the best in Mexico.After the surgery he answered to me every single question I had by email in the same day.If you are not sure with doctor to choose for your hair transplant or if you are not sure of the results don’t hesitate you are in good hands with Eláen, I’m a demanding customer and I can recomend him.ESPAÑOLHace un año y medio me realicé un transplante de 1300 unidades foliculares con los doctores de Eláen. El doctor hizo un excelente trabajo, 100% recomendable.Comencé a ver los resultados al tercer mes y despuès de un año obtube el 100% de los resultados esperados. La apariencia de mi cabello es muy natural, el nuevo cabello es grueso y firme con una buena densidad.La experiencia de cirugía fue agradable, un poco nervioso al principio pero una vez comenzada la cirugía estaba inclusive relajado, no tuve absolutamente nada de dolor. El doctor te explica y recomienda el diseño adecuado para ti claramente, durante la cirugía te explica y responde a tus preguntas, después de la cirugía te responde a todas tus preguntas por email, es muy amigable y profesional.Si no estás seguro cual doctor elegir para tu transplante o si tienes dudas sobre los resultados, no te preocupes, estás en buenas manos, es todo un artista del transplante de cabello, no dudes en recurrir a el.Espero que mi testimonio te sea util. – private
I came all the way from Australia for my procedure and it was well worth it. My experience with the Eláen team was exceptional from beginning to end. My coordinator was always ready to answer any questions I had and was always prompt to reply and curtious. When I arrived for the procedure the doctor explained everything clearly and put me at ease. The procedure itself went smoothly and I am extremely pleased with the result. The follow up consultations were also a great opportunity to ask questions and understand what to expect in the months ahead. I would highly recommend Eláen to anyone considering a hair transplant. – Paul
Everyone at Elaen Hair Transplant Center in Guadalajara is very friendly, professional & knowledgeable. It is a very pleasant & relaxing atmosphere. I only had my treatment three days ago, so cannot give a review on the final result. – goldengirl
Excellent – Tim
Everything was handled very professional. From the first email response to the actual surgery and the post surgery check ups. I felt very well taken care of. Like going to a spa. I really appreciate the fast response you get over email with the doctor after the treatment. Any small question you might have is answered with extreme professionalism with in a few hours. Even on a Sunday. I am very pleased with the hole experience. – Per
Great Experience. The doctor and the team were very professional. They explained the procedure thoroughly during in-person consultation. Answered all questions I had. – Ugue
I had wonderful and fulfilling experience. I was treated in a kind and professional manner from the pre-consultation to the post operation. The doctors and the staff were knowledgeable and explained the procedure and after care in a clear manner. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner and I always felt that the doctors and staff really care about the comfort and success of the procedure. I would recommend this transplant center and the staff with honor and without hesitation. Sincerely S.Q. – Checo
Idont have words to thank all the staff at Eláen and specially the doctor for his kind heart and excellent work but will say He that my ener world is once agian so bright and full of confidence.Daud Tata from Vancouver b.c.Thanks kindly and may God bless. – Daud

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